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Leading During a Pandemic

Posted by Anchor Staff on Sep 4, 2020 6:13:13 PM

No one knows what the workplace is going to look like in three months. COVID-19 continues to spread. School reopening and attendance plans remain tenuous. Further action from Congress is uncertain. Official rules from the Department of Labor might even be struck down in court, further adding to the confusion about what employers are supposed to be doing.

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Celebrating Responsibly at Holiday Parties

Posted by Anchor Staff on Aug 31, 2020 7:25:47 AM
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Back-to-School: Frequently Asked Questions about Leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

Posted by Anchor Staff on Aug 24, 2020 10:53:47 PM

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Six Tips for Managing Stress in the Workplace

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on Aug 13, 2020 6:13:51 PM

We’re all supposed to feel stress from time to time. It’s the way the body responds to demands and dangers. A stressful event triggers the release of hormones. These hormones, according to Psychology Today, “increase heartbeat and the circulation of blood to support quick action, mobilize fat and sugar for immediate energy, focus attention to track the danger, prepare muscles for movement, and more.” This fight-or-flight response helps us overcome these challenges. It can save our life before we realize we’re in danger. 

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Responding to Anonymous Complaints: Dos and Don'ts

Posted by Anchor Staff on Aug 11, 2020 11:53:33 AM

If you receive an anonymous complaint, it is important to remain calm and review the complaint objectively regardless of how egregious the accusations may seem. Although the complaint was received anonymously, the company still has an obligation to take action, if necessary, to ensure that employees are provided a workplace that is safe and free from harassing or discriminatory conduct.

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Revive+Thrive: Spring Through the Storm

Posted by Anchor Staff on Jul 24, 2020 9:29:41 AM
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What Employers Should Do If an Employee Makes a Racist Statement Online

Posted by Anchor Staff on Jul 13, 2020 4:38:40 PM

Given renewed national attention on issues of racial equity and justice, employees and customers might be more inclined to report incidents of racism they witness in person or on the internet. In this article, we cover some recommended practices for employers if they receive a report that an employee has made a racist statement online.

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Harassment Prevention Considerations with a Remote Workforce

Posted by Anchor Staff on Jun 5, 2020 9:08:24 AM

Using video conferencing apps for meetings can make for a more productive and engaging time than group discussions over the phone, but there are also some risks to consider:

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Don’t Forget to Document, Document, Document

Posted by Anchor Staff on Jun 5, 2020 8:48:41 AM

With all of the changes everyone has had to make over the past few months, not to mention the heightened stress we’re all feeling, it may be tempting to let certain practices slide or be less strict about following particular workplace policies. Flexibility during crisis situations may make sense in certain situations, but there are some areas where you don’t want to fall short of your usual standards. Documentation is certainly one of those.

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How to Help Underperforming Employees

Posted by Anchor Staff on May 29, 2020 5:27:32 AM

There are a lot of reasons why an employee or a team may be underperforming, and sometimes it takes a little digging to get at the root of the problem. Under-performance could be due to a skill gap, unclear expectations, or a lack of incentive to perform. It could be due to obstacles in your organization that prevent people from completing their assignments or getting their work done on time. There could be a combination of factors that would need to be addressed before employees could routinely do their best work.

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