Time and Attendance

We offer our clients a variety of simple and affordable time-keeping solutions designed with convenience in mind. Our five automated punch-collection options are tailored to meet individual needs, can be managed with ease, and are equipped with hardware that can be set up within a matter of minutes. Our solutions provide real-time tracking from any location at any time, accurate attendance recording for ease of compliance with labor regulations and generating reports, and straightforward data management tools.

We offer services for Payroll & HR that you can rely on. In fact, HR personnel, managers, and employees alike will also benefit from the convenience of the ‘Employee Self-Service’ feature, which enables employees to access personal time and attendance-related records including pay stubs, paid time off (past and remaining), earnings history, and benefits. Employees may request time off and view time balances through this feature, thus reducing requests to HR personnel or managers for this information.

The Power of Expediency

Automated time tracking:

  • Cuts cost by reducing the man-power and administrative work required of manual data collection and calculation
  • Increases productivity by calculating down to the minute
  • Promotes employee accountability
  • Provides simple online editing from any designated work station
  • Enables employees to track personal time related records