Insurance Agent Partnership

Other national payroll companies have set goals to gain market share in all areas of insurance and steal your business. These areas include: health insurance, Workers Comp, 401k plans and more. Companies will do or say just about anything to get that business from you. Beware of these companies as they are trying to take your clients from you and leave you stranded.

For Property & Casualty Agencies:

For Property & Casualty Agencies:

  • When it comes to your accounts, your agency maintains ownership of
    any expiration
  • We work with a large number of carriers so our integration is flawless between payroll and worker’s compensation:

Casualty AgenciesCasualty AgenciesCasualty Agencies Casualty Agencies

  • We offer many integrated solutions such as “pay-as-you-go” for your clients
  • Smooth out cash flow by paying premiums each payroll
For Agents:

For Agents:

  • When you work with us, you work on a referral basis starting that day
  • Partner with us and you can start reaping the benefits immediately
  • Makes you more competitive by adding a value added solution
  • Helps protect your clients from the national players
  • When the plan is under audit, our custom reports will help streamline
    the entire process
For Health Insurance Agencies:

For Health Insurance Agencies:

  • Seamlessly share data with your broker, carrier and more Anchor provides the client access to their data including census information
  • Through our portal, you can download copies of important forms like
    Employee Contribution Reports & Payroll
  • We reduce administrative work for you by communicating in real-time when it comes to employment issues
  • Anchor will help make you more competitive because we offer you a valued solution with seamless integration
  • Anchor can report all employer benefit contributions on the employees W-2