At Anchor Payroll, we specialize in providing human capital management solutions. Our solution stands up fast for a quick time to value. Plus, we offer ongoing support, training resources and tools you need to make using our products and services easy.  In today's business landscape, inefficiencies pose an existential threat.  Unifying HR and Workforce solutions saves time, money and energy.   We offer customized HCM solutions to clients of all sizes. By working closely with individual clients, we are able to simplify the payroll and HR process using the latest technology at affordable prices. Making your job easier is what we do best.

We offer a variety of services and software for the following departments:

Why let payroll slow your business down when it can be moving you forward? Using the most up-to-date technology, Anchor Payroll works closely with each client to develop a payroll solution made to enhance business performance. We are committed to delivering clients the best software and services in the industry.

Not only should your payroll system work alongside you to enhance business, but it should be trusted to keep your business safe from any labor or tax penalties. The more in-depth your business becomes, the more your payroll system can be affected, not to mention your business overall. Anchor Payroll makes sure their offered payroll services are safe and protected to give clients peace of mind.

By using PlatinumPay Xpress for all your payroll needs, your business can expect a number of quality services including but not limited to:

  • Strong security features
  • An experienced payroll specialist assigned to each account, keeping it consistent and free of error
  • 1-Step Payroll
  • In-depth hour tracking
  • Desktop and mobile friendly services
  • Text and email reminders to alert when your business needs to run payroll for each pay period, along with confirmation alerts when payments have been processed
  • Text and email reminders for employees to let them know their net pay information on their check date
  • Easy to understand HR benefits guidelines, news, and information
  • Access to extensive report histories

As your business continues to grow, keep in mind that our payroll services will grow with you. Anchor Payroll offers clients a cloud-based software designed to keep up with your company's evolution. We will work with you each step of the way.

Human Resources is a necessary aspect of almost all businesses, which is why Anchor Payroll is your one-stop resource for HR-related topics and services for your workplace. We offer clients an HR Support Center to help navigate the complex and continually evolving world of HR.

Working side by side with an HR consultant can greatly benefit your business by allowing you more time to focus on other aspects of the company. Enjoy access to the following features:

  • Direct and unlimited access to HR professionals focused on your business’s specific needs, helping to promote productivity and a healthy work environment
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Forms- including job applications, employee agreement letters, job offer letters, letters of reprimand, and more
  • Comprehensive labor laws by state/Federal and State Labor Law guides
  • Job performance evaluation models/performance improvement strategies

Anchor Payroll also offers exclusive training on the HR topics you care about. Their “Training On-Demand” series offers your business an easy and convenient way to discover the latest HR issues and trends. Training sessions are built in-house and are included with your HR Support Center subscription from Anchor Payroll. Our HR professionals average 10 years of experience in HR business consulting.

The current “Training On-Demand” modules include:

  • Business Skills
  • Employee Relations and Employee Management
  • Employee and Workplace Administration
  • Health Care Reform
  • Hiring
  • Terminations and Layoffs
  • Wage and Hour, Benefits, Leaves, and Employee Rights
  • State Specific Requirements

Keeping track of employee hours can be a time-consuming process for those without a unified tracking system. For this reason, Anchor Payroll offers clients a variety of affordable and easy-to-understand solutions to help track employee time and attendance. Automated time tracking cuts company costs by reducing the administrative work needed in manual data collection. It also increases productivity and encourages employee accountability.

With five automated punch-collection options tailored to your business, you can make employee tracking a breeze. Our time and attendance tracking services offer the following benefits:

Quick and easy hardware setup
Real-time tracking from any location at any time
Accurate attendance recording for ease of compliance with labor regulations and generating reports
Convenient data management tools

There is also an Employee Self-Service feature that benefits HR personnel, managers, and employees. With this added service, employees can:

  • Access personal time and attendance related records including pay stubs, paid time off (past and remaining), earnings history, and benefits
  • Request time off
  • View time balances

Offering your managers and other employees the proper tools to initiate and monitor work flow regarding payroll is important for a growing business. Not only can it boost company performance, but employee job satisfaction as well.

Anchor Payroll provides human capital management you can count on. To further support our clients, we also offer an updated, efficient self-serving software to help streamline manager and employee needs. With the help of HUB, a one-stop shop for your employees, you can obtain a customizable and easy-to-use system that will make everyday tasks much easier.

By integrating HUB into your business, you will benefit from the following features:

  • Pay stub delivery and secure online archive
  • W2/1099 delivery and secure online archive
  • Employee address, federal W4, and direct deposit updates
  • Time and attendance
  • PTO request and balances
  • Mobile and text message capable
  • iPhone and Android apps
  • Company message board
  • Company document and link library (available employee read receipts)
  • Employee virtual file cabinets (available employee read receipts)
  • Accessible new hire paperwork 
  • PUSH alerts and messaging
  • Customizable branding
  • Available employee engagement
  • Exclusive employee perks and coupons through HUB Rewards
  • Integration with your payroll platform

The following HUB features are customizable to each client’s needs:

  • Pay stub retention period
  • W2/1099 retention period
  • Clock in allocation buckets
  • Allowed clock in methods (web/mobile/text)
  • Clock in IP restrictions
  • Pay/earning codes
  • Time rounding rule
  • Overtime rule
  • Holiday schedule
  • One-touch approvals

Most aspects of your business have probably transitioned from paper to digital over the years, and employee onboarding is no exception. Electronic employee onboarding will save your business both time and human error. Remove the need for things such as physical mailing and entering endless amounts of data into your payroll system. Anchor Payroll works with an electronic employee onboarding software, to offer clients a well-organized and effective alternative to traditional onboarding.

WorkforceHUB aids in streamlining employee resources starting at the moment of hire. By working with an electronic employee onboarding software, you will begin to see increased productivity and hiring manager satisfaction.  WorkforceHub provides the following:

  • Electronic completion and signatures on required federal and state forms
  • Federal W4, I9 forms
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Notice of Exchanges and Subsidies
  • State withholding forms
  • Custom documents (i.e. Non-competes, non-disclosures, and handbooks)
  • Simple enrollment in direct deposit or pay card
  • Easy to use custom questionnaire builder
  • Branding to match your company
  • Integration with your payroll platform

Anchor Payroll will work with you to help you decide on the best solutions for your business.

Anchor Payroll is a company focused on the HCM approach, which sees people as assets to your business. We acknowledge that their current value can be measured to determine the proper course of action necessary to enhance future values both individually and companywide. It is important for managers to clearly communicate and define employee expectations.

Managers should reward their employees and hold them accountable when appropriate. Our services work to initiate and organize these practices for your business with HCM-friendly software.


When partnering with Anchor Payroll, it is important to remember that you are in charge of all final decisions within your business. We are here to guide you, not control you. Each of our services is not only tailored to your requirements but your budget.