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Return to Work Considerations: Postings & Policies

Posted by Anchor Staff on May 26, 2020 3:14:48 PM

With states in the process of relaxing restrictions on non-essential businesses and daily activities, it’s a good time for employers to review the company handbook and update policies that may need updates for compliance or even work to create new ones.

It’s best to take the time to do this before reopening or allowing employees back into the work place to ensure a compliant and unified company.

First, ensure that you’ve posted the Families First Coronavirus Response Act poster in a visible place. For anyone still working from home or not on site, you will need to share it through email or house it on an accessible place on a company intranet or website. You can download the poster directly from the Department of Labor website.

Plan to assess and revise your current hiring practices and policies. Things are likely different than they were three months ago or a year ago. Do you need to up your competitive edge by reviewing current benefits or pay? Do you have company alignment on remote interviewing techniques?

If you are recalling only some workers who were laid off or furloughed, be sure that your practices for determining who to recall do not discriminate against any group of employees.

Assess and revise your leave policy. Make sure you understand how the affects and interacts with your prior policies. If you had a use it or lose it paid time off policy, consider allowing employees extra time to use their hours. Another important but sensitive consideration is implementing or revising bereavement leave policies.

Overall, make sure employees have visibility to and a solid understanding of any leave policies that may apply to them.

Review your telework or work from home and childcare policies. Update your work travel policies in light of any new orders in your state and any new workplace practices being implemented to keep employees and customers safe.

Finally, review the rehire or reinstatement provisions for your benefit policies. Think eligibility and waiting periods.

Once you’ve created or adjusted policies to your satisfaction, the final step is to distribute the new or revised policies to your employees.

You can visit our COVID-19 Resources Page to obtain a return-to-work checklist with these posting and policy tips and more.

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