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Prepare for Volatility: Protection First

Posted by Davin Sessa on May 3, 2021 11:31:29 AM
Davin Sessa


When the 2020 pandemic hit, it caught the entire world off guard. Current economic and social circumstances combined with the upcoming election could be a recipe for extreme volatility. We encourage you to refocus on our planning philosophy (Protection First) and utilize it in multiple areas of your life.  Below are a few suggestions:

Protect your MIND

  • Limit your news watching (once a day if you must)
  • Focus on the overall health of yourself and your family
  • Make time each day for gratitude, prayer, and meditation
  • Read/listen to stories about successful people who overcame great obstacles

Protect your BODY

  • Take action to relieve stress through exercise, hobby, or activity.
  • Strengthen your workout routine now. Your body and mind coordinate. Consistency yields strength.
  • Holidays are coming which tends to yield over-eating/snacking. Increase your nutritional focus Monday-Friday and indulge on the weekends!

Protect your ASSETS

Take the income test. How much income would there be tomorrow…

  • if you voluntarily stopped working?
  • if you had to stop working because of disability?
  • for your heirs if you died?

Protect your LIQUIDITY

How easily can you access $1,000? $5,000?

  • Have accessible funds to handle unexpected bills with as much ease as possible.
  • Opportunities arise even in dark times. Having capital gives you bargaining power. Perhaps you can find a way to expand business or create an additional income stream. 

Protect your JOY

  • Work hard and make time for fun!
  • Explore an old or new hobby that you enjoy!
  • Catch up or make a date to spend time with a family member or old friend!

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